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The Power Soccer Development Group, a 501c3 organization, was founded in 2003 as Power Soccer of Indy (PSI). PSI’s mission provides sporting opportunities in and around the state of Indiana is now re purposed as the Power Soccer Development Group, Inc. (PSDG) with an expanded mission of providing access to opportunities to the sport of power soccer nation-wide.  PSDG adds to the foundation of the US Power Soccer Association (USPSA) in helping to meet their mission. All league management is umbrella under the USPSA and the sole purposed of the PSDG is to do clinics throughout the US in order to introduce the sport to children and adults who use a power wheelchair for daily mobility. 

Meet the Team

It's a Family Affair!

Karen Russo

Power soccer has become an incredible force in Karen's life. In 2003, Jerry Frick traveled to Indiana to help Karen host a new athlete clinic. After watching both of her children play a competitive sport for the first time, it was evident that this sport changes lives. The impact was immediate for not only her children, but for so many others in power wheelchairs. Power soccer began to take a life of its own as she and Dominic worked to form their first soccer team...and then another and another. They hosted their first national tournament in 2004 where France, Japan and England were invited to share their version of the sport. From coaching to hosting, Karen later became a founding member of the USPSA in 2006 as the Executive Vice President. It was great to help lay the foundation of what the sport is today. Power Soccer of Indy was also formed in 2006 and she took the reins with a group of dedicated people to grow the sport in Indiana and region. After 10 years, it was with great thought and some heartache to close the door on Power Soccer of Indy in order to become an organization that would take them back to their roots: introducing power soccer to all who can benefit. Karen is proud to be surrounded by her family in this venture and looks forward to what the future holds for PSDG and those yet to learn about the sport.

Natalie Russo

Natalie has played power soccer for over 15 years. After initially being forced by her parents to play because she wanted nothing to do with the sport, she immediately realized how great power soccer was and never looked back. She has won six national championships and was a member of the 2007 and 2017 US National Team. She has participated in numerous clinics across the US, including starting the first official collegiate team at her alma mater, Ball State University.

Dominic Russo

Dominic Russo was introduced to the sport in the summer of 2003 and it made such an impression on him that he immersed himself in the sport. He quickly stepped up to coach Indiana's first power soccer team, Sudden Impact. Five years later when his children moved to college, he coached USPSA's first collegiate team, the Ball State Cardinals. He has held roles in a number of other teams over the years, including Team USA, but ultimately left coaching in 2011. His most visible role to the community of power soccer was as the  President of the USPSA, which he led since 2006.  Here he continues to serve as President until the summer of 2018 when he will retire and commit his free time to treasurer and assist with the development of new teams across the US with the Power Soccer Development Group.

JC Russo

JC is the reason this family is involved with power soccer. After being the one to participate in Jerry Frick's clinic at MDA Camp, he brought home a packet of rules and a passion. JC has won four national championships and was a member of the 2007 and 2011 US National team. JC, Jerry and Karen did a couple of "tours," taking power soccer across the country to start new teams and teach new adults and kids how to play.