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Everyone deserves the chance to compete. That’s why the Power Soccer Development Group is committed to providing opportunities for power wheelchair users of all ages to get on the field and play. If you’ve got the desire, this is the sport you’ve been waiting for.

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Power Soccer Development Group partners with adaptive sports programs, parks and recreation, grassroots organizations and individuals that are seeking to discover the benefits and the rewards of power soccer and the impact it can have on their individuals, families and programs.

Through a hands-on clinic experience, we will guide participants through skills, drills and scrimmage with an end goal of starting a team in their area. 

Experience First-Hand the Benefits Power Soccer Has to Offer

Power soccer provides its athletes a sense of belonging and purpose.

Sports help improve decision-making and critical thinking. 

Psychological improvements can include self-confidence, self-esteem, and enrich relationships.

Goals seem more achievable. Power soccer is full of mentors who are willing to help guide and support you on and off the court.

Athletes gain independence by being held responsible for their own actions as friends and families sit on the sidelines

Boost leadership, communication and teamwork skills in a non-threatening environment.

Focus, endurance and coordination have all been seen to be developed skills through consistent participation.


This One's for You, Jerry -

In 2003, the sport of power soccer was introduced to our family at MDA summer camp, led by Jerry Frick. Jerry was a passionate, devoted man dedicated to the sport. Jerry himself was a quadriplegic from a motorcycle accident years earlier. He understood the power of sport, the power of positive thinking, and the power of you can do anything you put your mind to. He conducted his clinics with great energy and injected infectious optimism to the people he met. Jerry's dream was that every child in a power wheelchair would know about power soccer. In the winter of 2016, Jerry suddenly passed. It was a great loss to our sport and the power soccer community as a whole. Jerry served on the founding USPSA board, bringing power soccer to many of the people still playing today. We dedicate our organization to Jerry and the ideals he built and will continue to turn his dream into a reality.


"Jerry told me about a clinic for a sport called power soccer (soccer in a power wheelchair) and asked if I would be interested and I said yes. Jerry changed my life from an athletic supporter sitting on the sidelines embarrassed from my failures in every competitive sport I tried to play to an athlete. Jerry Frick showed me that there was more to life than sitting on the sidelines if you have a disability and that you can do anything including play sports if you are in a power wheelchair, but you may have to do it differently." - Corey Brooks, clinic participant